Usage Calculator

The maintenance calculator below is designed to provide a guide to the ‘Actual Hours’ of play taking place at your facility. By entering your details below, Replay will be able to more accurately advise on the maintenance requirements for your facility.  If you are an existing client of Replay Maintenance make sure to submit your ‘Actual Hours’ calculation where they will be added into your existing Reportal for you to keep and view.  Having your details stored with Replay provides your facility with a level of proof to the carpet manufacturer that you are conducting the correct level of maintenance (avoiding any costly repairs, or the risk of prematurely expiring the carpets warranty).

If you’re not an existing client, please feel free to contact us on 01636 640506 to discuss with a member of our team.

Please complete all the questions as precisely as possible to provide you with the most accurate calculation.

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How many hours has the pitch been used for each of the following situations?

  No. of players   Hours of use Actual hours
Full Pitch Hire (eg. 11-a-side)  
Half Pitch Hire (eg. 9-a-side)  
Third Pitch Hire (eg. 7-a-side)  
Quarter Pitch Hire (eg. 5-a-side)  
Other use (eg. lessons, coaching, lunchtime etc.)  
Warranted Play Hours (if applicable, enter 0 if not) :   Difference between actual & warranted hours: