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Turf Life Cycle Planner

Do you ever wonder how much time you have left on your turf?  Need to know the impact that maintenance has on the longevity of your surface?  Want to set up a long-term financial plan?

The RePlay Maintenance has set up a turf calculator to help you with long-term planning.  Use the turf calculator to provide insight into the following:

  • The effects that hours of use by sports will impact the longevity of your surface.
  • How to set good rental prices to assist with replacement in the future.
  • Account for build costs and capital costs
  • The impact that maintenance will have on the longevity of the surface.
  • Long-term financial planning.



 Stop the guessing, don’t wait to plan,  and let RePlay Maintenance’s turf calculator help with your long-term planning.  A synthetic turf field is a large investment that can provide years of use when properly maintained can add years to their use, save on expensive repairs, and dramatically increase the hours of use of a field.  Properly planning from the beginning can ease the anxiety of the process throughout the life of the asset.  

Interested in help with planning and maintenance, Replay service agreements, which can be set at intervals to suit the customer include, free of charge, pre and post-maintenance tests.  This records the difference the maintenance is making to the playing surface and enables the operator to plan future maintenance far more effectively.  Want help planning, contact us for help

 *Note:  There are four pages in the turf calculator that are navigated by the arrows on the bottom.


Plan the Life of Your Turf

As operators of synthetic turf facilities, we are constantly asked to assess the remaining life of the turf.  This usually occurs when it is to late.  Utilize the RePlay Maintenance Turf Calculator to plan the life of your surface.