Construction & Maintenance of Athletics Tracks

SAPCA Code of Practice for the Construction & Maintenance of Athletics Tracks
From the first considerations regarding the construction of an athletics track through to the final completion, a clear understanding is required of the process. The processes and decisions that need to be made can be complex and will depend upon many contributing factors.

This code of practice has been split up into two main sections that cover the construction and maintenance requirements associated with athletics tracks.

The first section focuses on construction requirements that should be considered during the construction phase of an athletics track:

  • General Design Considerations
  • Earthworks
  • Drainage
  • Sub-base Construction
  • Base Construction
  • Types of Synthetic Surfaces
  • Testing
  • Fencing

The second section of this document focuses on the maintenance requirements for the track itself and equipment associated with the track and field events. Maintenance procedures are detailed for the track along with the benefits they will bring to the life expectancy and performance of the track. The maintenance and storage of equipment for both track and field
events is also included.

The technical guidance within this code practice provides a detailed approach to how an athletics track is constructed. The diagram on the following page is designed to help potential clients make the correct decisions at the right times by looking at the ideal routes a project may take from proposal to completion and the information required at each stage.

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