Construction & Maintenance of Tennis Courts

From the first considerations regarding the construction of a tennis court through to the final completion, a clear understanding is required of the process. The processes and decisions that need to be made can be complex and will depend upon many contributing factors. The first section covers performance testing of tennis surfaces and the types of
testing: surface pace, slip resistance, shock absorption and water permeability. It also highlights the variations in the surfaces that are available and how each one can be suited to specific needs.

The second section guides the reader through a detailed account of the construction guidelines for each surface. It covers such detail as the weather considerations when constructing the courts, drainage issues, dimensions and orientation. The general requirements of the playing surfaces are also included detailing; evenness, porosity, surface texture, joints, initial settling down period and finally corrective action, if needed.

Section three is a maintenance guide for each of the five different court surfaces. It details the main maintenance procedures and why each one is important and includes method variations that need to be made for the differing infill types that may
be used.

Section four, resurfacing and reconstruction, details the procedure that is undertaken when any court type needs replacing or reconstructing. It provides advice on what to do with edgings, roots, drainage systems, dimensions and gradient issues.

SAPCA Code of Practice for the Construction & Maintenance of Tennis Courts