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Moss Killing

Moss is now a perennial problem, ambient temperature is getting warmer and of course our climate is also getting wetter. Moss will thrive in shaded condition (think Kick boards) and if left untreated can be extremely costly to remove.

Prevention is so much better than cure – a pro-active maintenance regime can prevent moss from taking hold on and in your surface. Insipid drainage will positively promote growth and so you must have a plan that keeps fill and fibre open and fluid – consult your specialist maintenance company and ask how they achieve this.  Removing leaves, twigs and general detritus from your surface regularly is of paramount importance, if left the material will break down and remain within your surface, changing play dynamic and hindering porosity. Specialist Maintenance will help to alleviate foreign material breakdown and as a matter of course during their visit ask to see contaminants removed to ensure that the specialist regime is working appropriately. In-House practice must also cater for detritus collection; in autumn months this may be a daily occurrence.

Many chemicals are available to eradicate or inhibit, always ensure that a fully certified professional carries out the works required. Again a specialist maintenance company should be able to facilitate this with annual or in some cases bi-annual application.

Please be aware that Inhibition and eradication/removal are two separate practices. If you have any moss growth present in your surface (however small) best practice dictates that your moss kill should have taken place a week or two prior to any specialist brush, this allows the chemical agents to combat growth and kill spores, your specialist can then safely remove the dead moss utilising the correct equipment during their visit. Spraying chemical on the same day as the specialist visit can prove to increase growth due to the spore being live when brushed. Talk to a reputable specialist maintenance company and ask how they approach such practice.

Inhibition sprays are put in place to prevent moss growth from ever taking hold. If you implement this type of programme and moss is not present on your surface then carrying out this application after brushing is acceptable.

Weather plays a large part in the success or failure of your application, if carrying out In-house always consult the label, if a specialist company is implementing then ask what chemical and subsequent conditions they are utilising.

It is worth noting that external perimeter outside of fence line will have an impact on your synthetic surface. Trees will shed leaves and create shade; grass will harbour spores and so forth. Is it possible to create a mowing strip, reducing the impact naturals may have on your surface. Players footwear should always be clean otherwise cross-contamination may occur, the same must be said of any maintenance machinery – Ensure that the tractor used to cut the field does not drive straight onto your synthetic surface to drag a brush, all equipment should be clean and ideally only used for the synthetic sports facility.

Moss Killing