Whitman Hanson Regional School

Whitman Hanson High School
The Client: Whitman Hanson Regional School

Ernest Sandland, Director of Facilities




The Challenge

During the spring of 2020, Ernie was not satisfied with the level of service he was receiving from his current synthetic turf maintenance supplier. The field was only 2 years old but Ernie understood the importance of outsourcing maintenance in order to keep the field high performing and consistent throughout the year, with the idea that proper maintenance would extend the life of the turf and lower longer-term maintenance. His current service provider was not providing the level of service that Ernie needed. He knew that he wanted to go in a different direction and with the fall sports season a few weeks away, he knew he needed a maintenance provider.    

Our Approach

RePlay Maintenance USA was introduced to Ernie as a possible solution to replace the current maintenance provider. RePlay introduced Ernie to the value of multiple maintenance visits per year as opposed to just an annual visit that he was receiving. Since the costs were comparable, Replay was a perfect fit for the professional maintenance of the field. Replay agreed upon a visit 4 times a year as opposed to 1 time per year. The higher frequency of visits at a similar cost would allow the field to be groomed back to the level it was designed for during the heavy use of multiple seasons. Multiple visits would allow a professional the opportunity to identify and correct any issues or conditions that might lead to premature repair or replacement.  

The Results

RePlay was able to get to the field and perform the recommended maintenance prior to the start of the fall season. Ernie is extremely pleased with the attention to detail and professionalism that RePlay exhibits and he looks forward to the future visits and service that RePlay will provide each season going forward. Through the Passport365 system, Ernie has a digital record of all maintenance practices that occur on the field. He is notified when a Replay operative is on their way, completing the work, and finishing the process. This level of professionalism was exactly what Ernie was looking for in a service provider.