Town of Cumberland

The Client: Town of Cumberland, Rhode Island

Michael Crawley, Parks and Recreation Director




The Challenge

During 2020, the Town of Cumberland knew that maintenance was critical to keeping their synthetic turf field around for years to come. Over the years, there was limited maintenance and to keep the field performing and safe for its wide range of users, the only option was to outsource maintenance. The field was installed in 2013 and the town wanted to ensure that they got the most out of their investment. Mike had various internal and external maintenance operations on the field.     

Our Approach

RePlay Maintenance USA was introduced to Mike as a possible solution to get the field back to the level of performance and safety it once had. When Replay surveyed the field through its free survey process, they recorded infill depths and free pile height. It was determined that the field was heavily compacted and that the high use areas had low infill levels. Additionally, there were areas that needed repair and others that were highly compacted from sand infiltration from the long jump pit. The fiber was still in good shape and had held up to extensive use. It was clear that the crumb rubber infill needed to be addressed to keep the field moving forward for years to come.    

Replay scheduled a return date to conduct the Revive maintenance visit which lasted about 5 hours. During the visit, Replay removed a significant amount of ferrous metal, de-compacted the infill, brushed the fiber to stand upright, added 2 wheelbarrows of infill to high use areas, and removed a wheelbarrow of sand that had migrated into the turf from a long jump pit.

The Results

Mike checked in about 3 hours into the maintenance visit, as the other service provider was usually complete with their maintenance visit in about 1.5 hours. To his surprise, our maintenance crew was still there working on the field and making sure that the field was safe, playable, and long lasting.

“Replay Maintenance USA was professional, knowledgeable and thorough. The field looks and feels great. Other maintenance companies have been out on the field and stayed for an hour.  Replay was on the field for 4 hours really working the field to be at its top performance. I would strongly recommend Replay Maintenance USA.” 
– Mike Crawley