The tennis courts at Old Albanian Tennis Club in St Alban’s have received a new lease of life following a Replay Rejuvenation® and will now be fit for play for a number of years.

Ideally, artificial turf pitches (ATP’s) should be maintained from day one, but unfortunately this does not always happen, which was the case at OA Tennis Club, where the courts were almost in a state of disrepair.

Following a full site survey, Replay Maintenance were confident that by implementing the correct maintenance programme, even the most heavily affected areas of moss and algae on the surface could be restored to an ‘as new’ condition.

At ten years old, the tennis courts were suffering the consequences of age, with contaminated material affecting both the aesthetics and the playing properties of the courts. Dark patches of moss and algae were evident right across the courts, highlighting the contamination that was present within the surface infill, while areas of standing water were commonplace after heavy spells of rain, demonstrating the inability to adequately drain. The surface had also become slippery under foot.

The club, by their own admission, fully expected that the site survey would conclude that resurfacing would be the only solution, and were relieved to discover that this was not the case, as Sue Barnes, membership Secretary describes:

“Our courts were ten years old, and were heavily contaminated with moss and algae. Replay Maintenance came in and carried out their Replay Rejuvenation® which brought our courts back to an ‘as new’ condition, and at the fraction of the cost of replacing the surface.”

The Replay Rejuvenation® process restores sand-filled synthetic surfaces to an ‘as new’ performance and appearance, whilst often doubling the playing life of a pitch or tennis court for a fraction of the cost of replacing the carpet. And, unlike replacing the artificial surface, the Replay Rejuvenation® can be completed in days – saving facilities time and minimising loss of revenue.

Replay Rejuvenation® is also just as effective on long-pile surfaces – extracting the infill to any chosen depth.

“I am absolutely amazed at the transformation of our surface. From the initial site inspection, the service we have received has been fantastic,” said Sue.