Sussex County Lawn Tennis Club is the latest customer to benefit from a Replay Rejuvenation® process which has restored two of the clubs four artificial tennis courts to an ‘as new’ condition.

Following a full site survey, it was apparent that the artificial turf courts were of sound construction, but were suffering the consequences of age, with contaminated material affecting both the aesthetics and the playing properties of the courts.

Dark patches could be seen across the courts, highlighting that contamination was present within the surface infill, while areas of standing water were prevalent after spells of heavy or prolonged rain, demonstrating the inability of rainwater to adequately drain away.

Moss had also affected the tarmac courts at the club, causing the playing surface to become slippery, particularly when wet.

The Replay Rejuvenation® process restores sand-filled synthetic surfaces to an ‘as new’ performance and appearance, whilst often doubling the playing life of a pitch or tennis court for a fraction of the cost of replacing the carpet. And, unlike replacing the artificial surface, the Replay Rejuvenation® can be completed in days – saving facilities time and minimising loss of revenue.

Replay Rejuvenation® is also just as effective on long-pile surfaces – extracting the infill to any chosen depth.

Not only has the Replay Rejuvenation® process restored the artificial turf courts in Sussex to their former glory, but with regular maintenance it could also give the club a further five years of use from their courts.

A spokesman for Sussex County LTC said the Management Committee and members are very happy with the courts following on from the rejuvenation and also said the work was completed in a very professional manner. The club realises how important it is to have a maintenance programme in place and felt that Replay offer competitive rates for the annual maintenance, which includes four visits a year to keep the courts in a tip-top condition.